Q: When can I start having builders inspect my land?

A: The land allotment can be inspected by builders subject to prior arrangement with your Springridge Estate Agent.


Q: What happens at a settlement meeting?

A: Full payment is transferred from your lender to Springridge Estate.


Q: When can I start building on the land allotment?

A: After settlement has occurred, subject to the required documentation submitted and approved by Springridge Estate and the Mitchell Shire Council.


Q: Who do I need to submit my house plans to?

A: Before you submit plans to the Mitchell Shire Council, they must be approved by the Springridge Design Review Committee. All homes will be subject to approval in accordance with the Springridge Design Guidelines.

You can download a copy of the Springridge Design Guidelines here or your Springridge Estate Agent can provide you with a copy.


Q: What are Design Guidelines?

A: Design Guidelines protect your investment, encourage high quality home design and presentation to achieve a visually pleasing environment throughout the Springridge neighbourhood. Our objective is to create a unique setting that is interesting, promotes diversity and is of consistently high quality.

Design Guidelines written 15 November 2013

Design Review and Formal Approval

You must electronically submit drawings to the DRC for review and approval.

A full package of drawings is required for a formal design review.

This is to be sent via email to the DRC in pdf format (A3 for drawings and A4 for written documents).

The DRC will assess your package against the Design Guidelines and upon compliance provide you with written confirmation and a return set of your plans stamped approved.

Upon compliance, these plans will be endorsed and constitute formal developer’s approval for a Building Permit to be issued.

All applications for preliminary review and formal approval must be submitted to:

Springridge DRC


Q: What is Conveyancing?

A: Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property title from one person or entity to another and is performed by your solicitor or legal representative who will charge you a fee for this service.


Q: What is Stamp Duty?

A: Stamp Duty is a state government tax on the property purchase price. These duties are usually the largest add-on expense in a home loan transaction. Stamp Duty exemptions or stamp duty concessions will vary from state to state, but if you are a first home buyer or have purchased a home below the requisite threshold, you may not have to pay stamp duty. Speak with both your legal and financial advisors to better understand stamp duty.


Q: What is the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) and am I eligible for it?

A: The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) Scheme entitles qualifying first home buyers to receive a lump sum payment of $10,000 if you are buying or building a new home values up to $ 750,000. For more information on whether you qualify click here click here.


Q: How long would it take to travel to Melbourne’s CBD from Springridge?

A: Springridge is easily accessible, well serviced by freeways and is less than 50 kilometres or a 45 minute drive to Melbourne’s CBD.


Q:  How far will my new Springridge home be from amenities?

A: Springridge is an easy 1.5km to Wallan’s town centre, where you can enjoy easy access to all of the area’s amenities, ensuring that the conveniences of modern day living are right at hand.

Recognised as the fastest growing town in the Mitchell Shire, Wallan’s community hub provides Springridge residents with access to an excellent range of schools and educational facilities including Assumption College, the Kilmore International School, shops, medical facilities as well as dining and entertainment options.

Due Diligence Checklist


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